Types of hairbrushes – all the basics

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Types of hairbrushes

Hair care – in other words, what’s vital?

In order to have beautiful and shiny hair you need to take care of it at all times – this should be common sense after all. In the long run it’s not enough to simply leave our hair to be, even when we were gifted with healthy and sleek locks. In today’s world we are prone to be exposed to multiple harmful factors that could potentially influence our everyday lives. So it’s actually impossible to maintain bouncy, sleek and healthy hair by doing nothing. Your hair needs attention and proper care to look good. So the question remains, what are the basics of hair care treatment and procedures involved? First of all, you need to identify your hair type and texture. To do so properly you need to learn what size and shape your hair is. Determining this is very simple, basically shape of hair can be straight, wavy and curly, and in terms of size there are hair that are fine, medium and coarse.

When you finally get familiar with the distinctive size and shape of your hair then further steps are only downhill from here. It’s actually a simple process when choosing cosmetics and appropriate hair care procedures. In terms of cosmetics, make sure that you always choose product lines dedicated to your particular hair type and texture. The same applies to hair procedures and treatments. Moreover, it’s really important to thoroughly consider hair accessories and relevant tools. For example, hairbrushes are vital, but still people often tend to forget about their importance. There are many types of hairbrushes on the market, and each one of them is dedicated to a particular hair texture. Nevertheless, a lot of women (and men) tend to overlook that and go for the most generic and universal options. In the end, we use hairbrushes all the time, every mourning and at times evening, some happen to carry out the habit a couple of times a day. So if we dedicate so much time towards brushing, the least we can do for our hair is choose the best material and best tool to treat them.

Types of hairbrushes – a practical advice

The question is, then, what are the basic types of hairbrushes and what are the qualities you should pay attention to? First of all, there are various shapes of hairbrushes – you can find for example: half radials, paddles or rounded types of hairbrushes. But the overall shape of the brush is the least of your worries, as it doesn’t really have any impact, it’s just a matter of convenience – same goes for the handle. It does happen that some modelling and styling hairbrushes will have unique shapes, but that is none of our concern. Another thing, and the most important to consider are the bristles. You can choose those in form of natural, synthetic or mixed types. Each one of them has a perk, a pro and con etc. But the list is simply too long, and we could provide you with one, but it’s actually proven that all hair has a different reaction to the bristle types. So the best advice we can give to you is to give all of them a try and put them to practice to see which one suits you best. There are many outlets and drug stores which allow you to do that, and the assistants can even provide you with recommendation and useful advice – so search online for a nearest point to you and give it a go!

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