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Split ends

Damaged hair – the bane of our hair problems: split ends

Split ends are a very common hair problem. Teenagers, young adults and even normal adults struggle with this phenomenon on a daily basis. If they show up frequently, and are present at all points throughout your life, then this should indicate that you’re doing something wrong. They are one of the first visible signs that something with your hair care techniques or daily hair procedures is off. Perhaps it’s the way you wash your hair or the way you treat them with so much unnecessary heat? Either way, if the problem persists, it’s probably a good time to visit a professional hair salon, because although many disregard split ends and treat them as minor issue, they should actually be dealt with immediately. But the question is, what exactly are split ends, what causes them and why should they be treated quickly?

Split ends can be easily noticed if you look carefully at your hair tips – the ends of your hair strands are usually thicker and whiter. From the scientific point of view, split ends are damaged parts of our hair that crack open as a result of a sudden split. It’s pretty much in the name! It’s important to know that your hair strength depends on the amount of water that they contain. If your hair is dried out and weak, especially when exposed to regular dyeing, bleaching or drying, then there’s a huge possibility for your hair tips cracking open. Moreover, even subtle environmental factors such as the weather could cause split ends – e.g. if you constantly go from freezing outside temperatures to boiling heat inside your home; your hair might be more vulnerable and split. The biggest problem with split ends is that if they are neglected or ignored, they can gradually affect the entire structure of your hair, creating some serious damage that will be hard to fix.

Appropriate hair care – how to stop the split ends

What are the other most common causes of split ends? That’s simple: split ends can be caused by excessive exposure to heat. Since lack of water makes your hair more vulnerable, it’s not surprising that exposure to regular heat causes split ends. After all, heat dries up your hair, making them prone to serious harm. Surprisingly, even excessive sun exposure can make your hair more vulnerable, developing split ends. Therefore, as was mentioned above, you should be wary of your surrounding weather conditions and the affect they may have on your hair.

Another reason for split end emergence is the constant use of chemicals. Hair care products and cosmetics which contain huge amounts of artificial substances can definitively weaken your hair. Your hair can also be vulnerable if you use frequent hair procedures, like styling, plaiting etc.

Last but not least, split ends can be also caused by over-washing. And although, at first sight it may sound silly, it’s been scientifically researched that split ends can emerge if you’re washing your hair too often. If the shampoo you’re using is invasive, and it does not contain nourishing elements, but is instead filled with useless chemicals, then it’ll be easy for your hair to lose the natural oils that are produced on our head. This means that without of necessary greasing, our hair becomes dry and the split ends have perfect circumstances to emerge. Either way, if split ends are your constant problem you should definitely book an appointment at a trusted hair salon, not just to get a haircut to get rid of the split ends – that is only a temporary solution. You should seek some further advice regarding your daily hair management, as adjusting your hair care habits may be a crucial step to restoring your hair to its original condition.

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