Natural home remedies for hair growth

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October 4, 2017
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Hair loss treatment
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Natural home remedies for hair growth

Nowadays, there are a large number of solutions for the problem of hair loss

However, if you are struggling with your hair falling out, before you proceed to take any actions, it is advisable to firstly find the source to why you are suffering with this condition. There are a lot factors which may prevent your hair growth and cause hair loss, for example most of us are only familiar with  improper diet, or improper daily hair care, frequent use of a hairdryer or straighteners as the main causes. And indeed, we cannot disagree with those assumptions, but they are not the only reasons. Let’s consider this analogy; when trees lose their leaves, and grass grows in the garden it is a natural process of life, and your hair growth, and moderate hair loss is also a natural process, strictly connected with our biological system. It has been scientifically proven that each day a healthy human loses up to 200 strands of hair. Nevertheless, if you notice that your average daily hair loss probably exceeds this limit, and your hair never grows then you should probably start your own private investigation to find out why that is.  Excessive hair loss is usually a good sign of some abnormities, either related to genetics, mistreatment or other more serious issues.

Hair loss is your body telling you that something is wrong

If your hair suddenly starts falling out, it is possibly a good sign that you need rest, sleep, and relax, as stress, rush and anxiety are usually the main causes of hair-related issues. What could also come to play is a low-quality diet, proving that your body needs proper nourishing. In addition, make sure that you are not suffering from any illnesses such diabetes or anaemia, as they often cause hair related symptoms. However, if the blood tests show that you don’t have any illnesses, then other methods need to be approached to take care of your hair. There are plenty of cosmetics and products which can thicken your hair and strengthen it. Unfortunately, at times hair loss is simply a personal issue and a lot depends on our genes as well. Because of this, to some of us hair loss is inevitable, and many products might be useless and unsuitable. However, more and more products are becoming available on the market which do not completely stop the issue of hair loss, but try and prevent it. However products like these are also very expensive. So what can we do instead if we want to care for our hair on a limited budget?

It is often said that Mother Nature knows what to do, and we should live at one with her and listen to her

That is why before we spend a lot of money on cosmetics, try to open your fridge or cupboard beforehand, and make use of the unconventional natural home remedies for hair growth. Believe it or not but the first simple solution is an egg! You can prepare an egg mask which effectively softens your dry hair and will make them shiny and strong. To do this, you need two eggs without yolks – beat the whites and leave the mask on your scalp for about 20 minutes. Applying this regularly helps with hair growth and strengthens your hair.

Another ‘natural magical substance’ is an onion. We recommend to use an onion if you strive to have long and glossy hair. Just take a few small onions, grate them, and leave such puree/extract on your scalp for about 30 minutes. This treatment shouldn’t be applied more than once a week.

In every kitchen there is also our dear friend garlic

Most of you probably eat it when you’ve caught a cold. Garlic is high in selenium which aids your hair regeneration. In order to prepare a healing mixture out of it, you need about eight garlic cloves and some olive oil. Boil them together and then apply to the follicles on your scalp. You can repeat this treatment roughly three times a week.

Finally, we should also mention a potato. They appear to be such standard veggies, but they are in fact vitamin-rich vegetables, making them a perfect remedy for dry hair, but more importantly they prevent premature hair greying. Follow these steps: mix together 1 egg yolk, 1½ potatoes and a teaspoon of honey. Leave this mixture for 30 minutes on your hair, apply only once a week.

Keep in mind that all remedies will be effective only if you apply them regularly, but remember, not too often!

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