Hair loss in young women – the reasons why this happens

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December 22, 2017
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Hair loss in young women

Hair loss in young women – why does this happen?

Hair loss usually has many serious consequences. On the one hand, your physical appearance will inevitably suffer because your body will be going an unwanted transformation. On the other hand, we can be hit with a heavy emotional impact. Negative effects of hair loss are even more dramatic and obvious for young women. It’s a fact. Young women generally tend to be more sensitive and care far more about their appearance due to social constraints and ‘norms’ that they feel need to be upheld or met. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to negative impact of hair loss. When it comes to young women dealing effectively with hair loss, it’s best for them to firstly understand what causes the hair loss and secondly to know how to deal and cope with the negative impact of this condition, both physically and psychologically.

First of all, hair loss in young women can be caused by serious medical conditions, such as alopecia areata, thyroid disease or problems with hormones. The issues can also arise because of bad hair care. In addition, psychological issues caused through stress and mental issues may also cause hair loss in young women. When it comes to such hair loss at a young age, especially when caused by diseases, there’s a huge chance that women may overcome them as long as special medication procedures are undertaken. Suffering with hair loss at young age can be only temporary if caused by medical conditions, and women have a chance of fully recovering from them. The situation gets a tad more complicated if stress or any other psychologically induced issues cause the hair loss. Stress can be truly difficult to control and manage, especially for younger women who are dealing with their adolescent life – university, fresh work and relationship difficulties at this age are present and constant. Improper hair care isn’t easy to change either. It can be very difficult to get rid of the habits we’ve developed over so many years. Furthermore, how can we adjust our hair care treatments when we have no knowledge of our own hair type and texture – these elements are vital for our recognition and application of appropriate products.

Hair loss in young women – how to treat this issue?

It is actually quite fortunate that hair loss in young women can be successfully cured. If the causes behind hair loss are properly determined, it’ll be easy to choose relevant treatment methods and successfully restore the damaged or lost hair. However, it’s actually a more complicated issue when it comes to hair loss being a side effect of underlying mental issues that linger in the background. A lot of people struggle with their self-image, self-esteem and perception. These are very complex issues, and the affected people may lose hope for themselves. So it’s a priority during hair loss treatment to deal first with serious issues like these, following up with treatment for the consequences. Young women that are affected by these negative mental problems should always feel comfortable to consult a psychologist or look for mental support at a doctor’s or their close ones. Relying on someone’s support and advice is sometimes all we need to cure ourselves. This is not an issue that should be ignored, because to many their self image and perception are everything, and if that is disturbed so will be their mental state. It’s a vicious cycle that must be dealt with using appropriate and contented measures.

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