Hair loss factors – key issues

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Hair loss factors

Hair loss factors – the main reasons

There can be hundreds of different reasons out there for hair loss. Some of them can be easily determined and cured, others are more complex and are difficult to treat. We would like to introduce you to the most common hair loss factors and explain what the possible treatment methods are. The most common causes of hair loss are related to: issues with hormones, genes, stress, cosmetic procedures, autoimmune diseases and other medical conditions. Let’s examine these hair loss factors in detail, in order to get a clearer understanding of hair loss problems and the factors involved. In the end, knowing the reasons for your hair loss can help you find an effective treatment method, and a solution to treat those issues.

When it comes to hormones, hair loss is generally caused by abnormal level of androgens. In terms of hair loss caused by genes, most are related to pattern baldness that runs in your family. If your parents or grandparents suffer because of balding, then there’s a very high possibility that you develop it too. In terms of stress, it is generally more complicated compared to factors mentioned above. First, it is generally very hard to determine whether hair loss results directly from stress, and once determined, not only the hair loss needs to be treated, but also the mental state of the patient. Thankfully, however, when it comes to stress related hair loss, it’s important to note that the effects are completely reversible and can be only temporary. This process may be long, and a lot of patience is required, but the effects are not permanent, and that’s the key! Hair loss which is a cause of improper use of hair cosmetics can cause great damage to your strands and follicles, however once again the effects are reversible, as long as you halt the use of such products. Finally, medical conditions and autoimmune diseases have the greatest effect on hair loss, such diseases and conditions carry the risk that hair loss can be potentially permanent.

Hair loss factors – the practical advice

As you can see from the description above, there are many hair loss factors. The key is to firstly find the source of your causes for hair loss, and immediately request the help of a doctor or a specialist who could work with you in eliminating the originating problems. For example, if you are suffering of hair loss because of stress, then you need to find a way how to eliminate it or lower it as much as possible. A lot of things such as your job, your lifestyle, living conditions, economic situation or medical conditions could instigate stress – so perhaps also pay a visit to a psychologist that could guide you to a healthy stress-free lifestyle, or read more articles online which can outline the tips perfectly. Once that is done, finding a method which could help you recover from hair loss is very simple.

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