Hair growth after chemo

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Hair washing methods
February 23, 2018
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Hair growth after chemo

Hair growth after chemo – how soon will the new hair appear?

During chemotherapy, the primary thing on a patient’s mind is survival. They hope that whatever causes a significant weakness of their body, also fights the illness they are struggling with. Chemotherapy is most commonly used during the fight with cancer – and only after the tough battle is won, the patients can begin to think about returning to their usual physical form, and they start to gain a breath of fresh air. The aim is to become who they were before they discovered their illness. Once this stage occurs, a topic strikes the mind: hair growth after chemo.

Cancer chemotherapy – a popular method of fighting cancer

Cancer chemotherapy is a method of systemic treatment stages, during which a number of cytostatic drugs are used, usually provided to the patient as part of a treatment regimen. Chemotherapy may be the primary method of treatment, but it often co-occurs with other approaches, such as:

  • surgical methods,
  • radiotherapy,
  • hormonotherapy,
  • treatment targeted at specific cancer cell processes.

One or multitude of medications may be received by the patient, either in a specific order and/or frequency during chemotherapy. There are often other auxiliary drugs that are provided adjacently with the treatment, to support the success of the process.

Chemotherapy aims to assure that cancer cells will quickly divide. Unfortunately, sometimes the healthy cells are also targeted, especially of bone marrow and gastrointestinal tract, which are also divided. The provided drugs, therefore, do not have a good effect on the condition of the entire body, nor our internal and external system. In a lot of cases, chemo also causes loss of hair, as another side effect of the drug intake.

Hair growth after chemo – how to improve the well-being of a person undergoing chemotherapy?

Not all patients tolerate chemotherapy in the same way. There are those who actually feel terrible, unable to do much, and struggle with life. Then there are those who are able to function normally. And finally, the last group of sufferers can’t even cope without the help of others. They need support even when performing ordinary daily duties or common activities, such as dressing up or eating.

But there are a number of rules chemo patients may follow to make themselves feel better throughout this unfortunate process. For example, it’s certainly worth remembering that women feel better when they wear a colourful headscarf that brightens their face, or wear makeup in public. A perfect solution which can also improve our self-confidence and appeal are hair-thickening treatments, offered by specialist hair-clinics such as the Hair Solved clinic. The clinic and experts within operate in order to restore the old self-esteem of the chemo patients, and other people who suffer with hair loss issues. After all, new, sleek and shiny hair looks very natural and can withstand several months when applied properly. So the patients who opt for this choice literally feel reborn and their happiness ultimately aids their overall recovery. In the end, a lot of people seem to forget how much depends on our state of mind. Hair Solved offers solutions that are safe and comfortable – methods of hair extension attachment, which truly create a unique and satisfying effect, especially for those with hair-issues.

It’s no secret that hair growth after chemo occurs when the body returns to the original state of balance, yet this may take weeks or even months, depending on the person. So, it is worth to resist through this period and still feel beautiful and natural – and hair attachment methods can offer a perfect way out, no matter if the application is temporary or permanent.

Why does hair fall out during chemotherapy?

Hair loss is a common side effect of the popular cancer treatment. Considered to be a nuisance, it certainly has a negative impact on the quality of life of a person who is already fighting cancer. Much can be said about chemo, but it is widely known that apart from aiding us to battle cancer, there isn’t much benefits to the treatment. During chemotherapy, hair loss may occur, either across the whole body or more commonly just the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, underarm hair or pubic hair.

As was aforementioned, the specified drugs not only attack cancer cells but also other cells that are rapidly dividing. This certainly includes hair follicles, and their nature of spreading. As a result, the follicles stop working in their normal three-way life cycle, and the disruption causes the hair to fall out at a much faster rate than usual. And even those that still cling onto the scalp, become thin and weak, and brittle.

So normal hair growth after chemo usually occurs within a few months after cessation of chemotherapy, but even then, our hair does not always return their original form. At times it may take years for them to gain back their previous thickness, shine and sleekness. In this case, temporarily opting for additional hair enhancement methods, such as the extensions offered by Hair Solved are a fantastic solution to the underlying problem!

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