Factors that affect male hair loss

Natural home remedies for hair growth
Natural home remedies for hair growth
October 13, 2017
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male hair loss

Hair loss is an issue which affects both males and females

When a woman is a victim of hair loss, it can be a traumatic experience for her. However, it can be very challenging for men to deal with this issue, seen as the likeliness of them losing hair is much greater. This article is thus addressed especially for men, presenting the main causes of hair loss, and the ways men can deal with this issue, and even prevent it. The first cause, which should not be a surprise to anyone, is genetics. It does not matter if the hair loss issue was experienced by your mothers/fathers family, you automatically share a history of hair loss, and are thus unfortunately more prone to experience it as well.

The other cause is your age

The older you are, the more hair you may lose, it’s a common fact. However, a big factor in this process may be the diet that you stick to throughout your life. For example, frequent dosages of caffeine may increase the levels of your hair loss. Intense alcohol drinkers are also more likely to become bald. Bear in mind that ‘intense’ means at least 4 drinks a day. If you smoke, then it may also affect the condition of your hair and cause you hair to fall out. These factors are all scientifically proven to be connected with the causes of hair loss. However, even if you are a caffeine/alcohol/smoking abstinent you may also experience this problem, once again due to dietary issues etc. Another cause for the loss of hair could be a hidden skin disease, or other known or unknown illnesses.

You should also pay your attention to the way you dress. This may be an overlooked issue but frequent wearing of a hat is said to be one of the main causes of hair loss. However, in some situations hats can actually be beneficial e.g. in hot weather countries where your hair is more likely to be damaged by the sun, thus reducing the likelihood of your hair loss. The same goes for having a long hair style, and brushing your hair too often, as well as wearing a ponytail. The other very influential factor is stress. Try to reduce the stress level you are dealing with, because living for a long time under permanent stress may not only increase chances of you losing hair, but also increase the appearance of grey hair. Furthermore, hormones also play really important role in your body, so if you are having hormonal issues e.g. if you have too little testosterone, then it is more likely that this is connected to your hair loss.

The level of hair loss depends on the level of testosterone in your body

Contrary to modern belief, the more testosterone you have the more hair stays on your head. In order to increase the level of testosterone, you can eat various supplements, but the best option is working out or eating meat. There are various products on the market which are recommended for men, so if you are vegetarian, you should try to find alternative foods which provide you as much necessary nutrients as possible. To summarise, in order to prevent your hair loss as much as possible you should: avoid stress, cut back on caffeine, quit smoking, drink moderately, and don’t wear a hat unless necessary, and increase the level of testosterone. Following all of these methods will not suddenly grow your hair back, however if you obey these rules, you will on a long term prevent the loss of your hair, or at least reduce this awful process. Men and women should take care of themselves, because hair is not only the symbol of femininity, but also of masculinity. But above all, beautiful and healthy hair is the best sign of attractive and physical wellness both for women or men.

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