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Boost volume

 First, consider your hair type and texture

Hair is a crucial part of people’s appearance and style. It can really make a huge difference to our head shapes, body shapes and a good hairstyle may even turn the dullest outfit into a stylish trend. If our hair is cut properly, styled with appropriate care, and treated with correct products, then you’ll be guaranteed to feel like a real star and fashion icon. Just think of this, how many times have you got a fresh cut or used a good hair product and felt refreshed and sexy? Nonetheless, in order to look truly good and create a radiant hair effect, it’s best to get to know your hair first. What exactly does this involve? First of all, you should try to identify your hair type and texture. If you know the particular qualities of your hair, you’ll easily be able to choose a suitable haircut and style. Moreover, you’ll be able to adjust your hair care products according to your hair texture. Basically, there are two factors that should help you determine the type and texture of your hair. These are: shape and size. Keeping these aspects in mind we can be even more precise, and define the size: fine, medium, thick etc. or shape: straight, wavy, curly etc.

Boost volume – Practical tips

As already mentioned, the first step in achieving relevant and effective hair care is to determine your hair’s size and shape. Only then you’ll be able to apply relevant cosmetics, thus treating your hair with appropriate procedures. To illustrate this better, let’s assume your hair is fine and straight. If you have such type and texture, your main goal should probably be to boost the volume and body to your hair. After, all fine and straight hair generally appears very delicate and fragile. Addition of extra volume will fix that. Moreover, if your hair is dry it can easily absorb humidity, resulting in sudden fizziness. So, the question remains, how can you deal effectively with this type of hair, and what haircut/hairstyle can help you to boost volume of your hair?

In order to boost volume and add body to your delicate and brittle hair, you should use specific hair care products. It’s actually quite simple. It’s always a good idea to apply volumizing products, but keep in mind that some of them contain paraffin, which is a bad substance that damages hair rather than fixing them. Indeed, paraffin can add volume to your hair, but the effect is short lasting and the tendency of paraffin building up can actually be harmful, easily breaking off your hair shafts, leaving your hair damaged. To successfully boost volume without any unnecessary harmful treatments, it’ll be best to buy professional care products which you can find in hair salons of pharmacies. Keep in mind that these products will be trusted, and won’t contain harmful substances, instead making the volumizing effects effective and long lasting.

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